Why Use G.I Motors


We at G.I Motors have been in the motor industry for fifteen years and  we understand the value of your money.


  • As a reputable motor dealership, we work with buyers and sellers to trade without the risks usually associated with vehicle sales between private parties.


  • We take the hassle out of your hands when either purchasing or selling your car.
  • We facilitate the entire transaction between buyer and seller, including licensing and registration 
  • We have a friendly and well trained sales person that will assist you with all information you need before and after you buy or sell your cars.


  • Test drive is welcome before you pay for the car of your choice because it is always better to have a taste of what you are paying for before you spend your money on it.


We offer good price on trade-ins and good cash for your cars in case you are selling to us.


Lastly, Our teams are always up to discuss any issues you may be confronted with and can give you expert advice on buying and selling of your cars.